Thursday, February 25, 2016

Leap Day Freebies!

Hello everyone!  It's Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!

I don' know about you, but I am SOOOOO excited that we get to celebrate LEAP DAY on Monday!

I mean, it happens once every four years!!!!    FOUR YEARS!!!

So of course, I'm planning a day long celebration of all things that leap!

We will be spending the day learning all about kangaroos and frogs!  We're gonna be hopping and measuring!  We'll be spinning and graphing and flipping and graphing!   

I found a ton of great ideas on Pinterest for directed drawings, crafts and other fun kangaroo and frog ideas!

I also found some great books on Amazon for frogs and kangaroos!

And I created this massive Leap Day Freebie!   There are tons of activities for measuring, graphing, thinking maps and writing included!   It will make Leap Day in your class a hoppin' good time!

Click the picture for your freebie!


  1. I tried to download your leap day freebie, but just kept getting the PIN IT button. I was unable to download it.

  2. I tried as well and had the same result.

  3. This is a great, fun freebie!! I was able to download but the spin and graph is missing the icon for the Kangaroo.