Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hello from Virginia!

Hello! My name is Justin Neal and I am a 1st grade teacher from Virginia. Some things you may not know about me are I used to be a substitute teacher. I worked as a substitute teacher for six years in the county where I work. After doing a long term sub for my neighbor, I was hired that summer. I was hired to teach Kindergarten, however I moved to 1st before school started. Within my first two years of teaching, I got my Masters in Teaching. After a field trip, my student's parents gave me a graduation party! (There is a picture below). I taught 1st grade for two years, then moved up to 2nd. I taught 2nd for one year and moved back to 1st. I've been in 4 different classrooms at my school. Let's just say I've become quite the pro at moving, decorating, and redecorating my classroom! My classroom is my one of my favorite places to be. I take pride in how it looks and most importantly I want it to be a special place my students can learn and grow each day.
Here's a few pictures of my classrooms over the years.  
First Grade 2013-2014
Graduation Party 2013-2014-By my awesome parents of students!

Second Grade 2014-2015
First Grade 2015-2016

 Teaching is my passion. I absolutely could not imagine doing anything else! I believe each of my students has the right to learn in their own way. I'm living my dream of becoming a teacher each day! I look forward to blogging with the other guys through out blog The Guys of Primary Blog. I am honored and elated that I was asked to join in on something so special! -Justin

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