Monday, February 8, 2016

Candy Heart Games & FREEBIE!

Happy Monday, teachers!  It's Adam from!  I'm joining forces with The Guys of Primary to bring you some FREEBIE FUN for FEBRUARY!
My kids are crazy excited about Valentine's Day and are loving the fun stations we're doing based around the holiday!  This week in our Discovery Table we are playing with candy hearts!  We have a very strict snack policy at our school so my I make sure to remind my kiddos that these are not to be eaten.  How do I make sure they don't eat them?  I tell them on day one that these hearts have been used since I started teaching so they're really old candy, and covered in germs!  Not one child attempts eating them. :)

Here's what we do with the candy hearts...
1. Fine Motor Races!
Each child has a set of tweezers and a cup.  All the candy hearts are in a Valentine's themed bucket that I picked up in the Target dollar section!  I put three timers in the station (1 minute, 2 min., and 3 min.) for the kiddos to use.  When the timer is flipped, all students begin moving hearts from the bucket to their cup using only the tweezers!  If they drop it they have to use the tweezers to pick it up.  When the timer runs out, the person with the most hearts in their cup wins the game!  The kiddos start with the 3 min. timer and work their way down to the 1 min. timer!

2. Candy Heart Sorting and Graphing!
I use another set of candy hearts for this activity.  These are GIANT candy hearts and I give them the same talk about not eating them as I do with the little hearts.  For this activity I use the graph in the pictures below that you can get for FREE from my TPT store!  Each kiddo pulls 10 candy hearts out of a bucket and sorts them by color.  They color their graph accordingly to match the correct amount of hearts pulled from the bucket.  When they finish coloring their graph, they have to fill in the blanks for which heart they pulled the MOST and which they pulled the LEAST!  Super easy, and super fun!  Grab the FREEBIE HERE and start having fun while learning!

Anyone that knows me knows I'm not a huge fan of our curriculum.  I am always trying to find ways to supplement/replace lessons with fun activities.  These two activities are great ways to add supplemental/additional learning to your Math curriculum, all while helping your students meet the standards!  I hope you enjoy these ideas!  Please be sure to share with all of your teacher friends, and direct them to our blog!


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