Wednesday, February 3, 2016

BEE Prepared for February & a FREEBIE!!!

Hey everyone! It's Justin from Way to BEE in 2nd! 
I'm teaming up with the other guys from The Guys of Primary to give some tips about the month of February. I'm here to give you some ideas on how I handle the handle Valentine's Day in my classroom! 
 Valentine's Day is one of my favorite classroom holidays! The kids get so excited to share valentines with each other and of course Valentine's Day means lots of sweets! 

So what do I do to celebrate Valentine's Day in my classroom??? 
Well of course we have a party!! 

This year I am having a Valentine's Day Dessert Party! Okay... I know what you are thinking! Am I crazy for having nothing but sweets? 
I started off reaching out to parents in my class who I knew wouldn't mind sending in some stuff! Some of the stuff I'm asking for are brownies, Rice Krispie Treats, cupcakes, juice, fruit, etc. 

I sent home a Valentine's List with my students so they can make their valentines. My students have a class list B.E.E. Binder (Bring Everyday Everyday), but I wanted to send an updated one. 

You can find my editable list here!

My class will exchanging valentines of course. We will be making these awesome Valentine's Sacks. this year from The Teacher Wife You can purchase them here! Valentine's Love Sacks by The Teacher Wife

 And last, but certainly not least.... my FIRST product! It's a freebie that I call: What Does Your Heart Say? A writing craftivity! Do your students love the song "What Does the Song Say"??? If so, they will love writing about what their "heart" says and making their very own heart fox! My students made these this week and they turned out so well. Most importantly, my students loved writing on this topic and making the heart foxes. Looking for an easy Valentine's Day project??? Download my FREEBIE here. 
What Does Your Heart Say Craftivity Freebie!  

I hope you are able to use my products and Valentine's ideas. Watch next week for a post from another one of the guys. Happy ALMOST Friday Eve! ;) 


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  1. I also love that the kids at Phoenix kindergarten are from all different backgrounds. Having that diversity is important to me. Growing up in diverse environment really helps the kids.