Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Teacher Tips and Hacks With The Guys of Primary! [Part 2]

Teacher tips, tricks, and hacks are always my favorite! I always try to be efficient with my time, money, and teaching. This month The Guys of Primary are teaming up to share some of our favorite tips and hacks. Hello everyone, it's Chad here from the Male Kindergarten Teacher Blog. today I am excited to share with you my top teacher tips and hacks to make your job easier. These genius teacher tips are sure to save you valuable time, money and sanity. Gotta’ love that, right?! Have a teacher tip to add to the list? Share it in the comments below.

Tip 1: Organization, organization, organization!

Teacher organization is KEY to a great school year. It's never too late to get organized! Ready to take your classroom organization to the next level? Ever feel like your school supplies are caving in on you? I’ve totally been there. I purchased one of these Akro-Mills drawer organizers from Amazon and it changed my life! I created these fun labels to fit the theme of my room and organize all my mandatory teacher supplies.

Tip 2: Table Trash Bins - No more mess, no more problems!

I bought these trash bins at the dollar store at the beginning of the year. I love having a trash bin at each table when doing crafts. It keeps the mess manageable and the students responsible. My trash helper is in charge of emptying the buckets into the recycling bin each afternoon. The color of the table (red, yellow, green, blue, and orange) coordinates with the color of the bin.

Tip 3: Personal Space is essential in Kindergarten!

Check out these desktop park and props from! My colleague introduced these to me when I started teaching and I absolutely love them. It is convenient for storing a pencil, highlighter, and spaceman. Not only can you store your classroom essentials, but it also provides a sense of personal space for each student.

Tip 4: CD Storage at its finest!

Teachers always have way too many CDs to keep track of! Use a small pocket chart to store some of your most commonly used CDs. This pocket chart is located right by my CD player for easy access.

Tip 5: Keeping Track of Student Transportation

Transportation can be one of the most stressful and crazy things to keep track of. Create this easy, organized pocket chart to know exactly where each child is going at the end of the day. This pocket chart makes it easy to make a transportation change or notify a substitute of where a child is going at the end of the day. Say 'goodbye' to transportation lists! I purchased the pocket chart here: Click Here

I hope these tips and hacks are helpful and beneficial to you! Remember to leave a comment with your favorite teacher tip or hack!

Stay tuned for next week's post with more great tips and hacks!


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