Monday, November 2, 2015

Teacher Tips and Hacks With The Guys Of Primary!

Can you believe it's already November?   

This  month The Guys Of Primary are teaming up to share some of our favorite teacher tips and hacks!     We all know that teaching is time consuming with a lot of moving parts and things to do.  And we all know there is never enough time to do it all.  So, each week this month, we'll be sharing some of our favorite ways to save a little time and make things a little easier!   Be sure to follow along all month!

And, we'd love to hear your favorite tips and hacks so make sure to leave a comment and share your tips and hacks!

Tip 1:  Make all of your anchor charts/class charts ahead of time!  

I simply mean to prepare the charts so you don't have to fumble with them the morning of a lesson!   Each Sunday during my Schedulin Sunday, I put together all of charts for the week!  

I roll up my charts and toss them in the back of my Jeep so I don't forget them.  That frees up some time in the mornings when I get to school so I can do other things.  (Or it means a few more minutes of sleep!)

Just remember to put them in the car.  They don't do you any good at me, I know!

Tip 2:  Prepare For Tomorrow TODAY!

Before I leave for home each day, I do a few quick things to prepare for tomorrow.  

I write our morning message.
I change the date.
I put our their morning journals.  I also give this job to a student so I don't have to do it every day!

When I come in the next morning, I can focus on preparing any lesson materials for the day!  

Tip 3:  Speaking of preparing for tomorrow today, here's one of my best tips for getting out the door.

Sit everything out the night before.  I pick out my clothes (socks, undies, belt, shoes....) the night before.  I even hang them in the bathroom for the next morning.

I pack up my computer, camera and teacher stuff.

People, I even put everything in the car the night before.

In the morning, I just wake up shower, dress and head out the door!   My mornings are so nice and calm!  

(The mister teases me about my habit...but it sure does make for no stress mornings!)

Tip 4:  Trash Baskets!

Go to the dollar store and buy yourself about 6 baskets or buckets.

Anytime you do any cutting, sit the baskets around the room on the tables (or floor) and have the students put their scraps in the baskets as they work.  Less mess means less clean up and that saves time.  And you're less likely to have students losing important pieces!

Tip 5:  Wall Baskets!

Use command hooks to put baskets on the walls!   You can color code baskets to your groups and use them for centers or other work.

You can use them to collect notes and other papers.

Those are Mr. Greg's tips and hacks to save some time and make teaching a little less stressful and free up a few more valuable sleep minutes!

Remember to leave a comment with your favorite teacher tip or hack!

Stay tuned for next week's post with more great tips and hacks!


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  3. I have a small can on their tables for trash. I know you don't have ANY tables Greg but for those of us that do - I use duct tape to divide the table into fourths ( helps teach personal space). They each get a can ( I saved all my formula cans from my babies- 21 & 18 now! ) In the can is their pencil, highlighter, dry erase marker, scissors and sliding pencil box with their crayons. In the middle of the table are 2 glue sponges to share and the garbage can sits on top of the glue sponges. We have learned that big paper scraps do not fit in that can. :)
    Great ideas! This is always fun to find new hacks and tips - although sometimes I worry that I didn't think of it already! lol