Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to School Tips & Write the Room Sight Word FREEBIE!

Hey everyone! It's Chris from Famous in First! I am so excited to be working with my friends Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard and Chad from Male Kindergarten Teacher on our new collaborative #BroBlog The Guys of Primary!  This was supposed to be posted earlier this week, but due to all the craziness of my First Week Back to School, I didn't get to it until now! (Cleary I am the slacker of the trio...SORRY!!!) Anyway, here's a little bit more about me and some Back to School Tips!
My name is Chris Pombonyo and I am a First Grade teacher in Lake Mary, Florida. I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Elementary Education with Reading, ESOL, and Gifted Endorsements. I am currently back at UCF pursuing my Masters of Education degree in Educational Leadership. This will be my fourth year teaching. I am originally from Long Island, New York and worked as a host/emcee for Radio Disney for three years!

Now for some Back to school Tips...

Go Above and Beyond for your students! 
This year go out of your way to really connect with each and every student and make them feel special. Take some time to attend their baseball games or dance recitals! Send them a letter in the mail! Call home to share something great they did in class! These small gestures will make a HUGE difference in their lives and your relationship. They will appreciate it so much and their parents will too! 

Put on a show! Try to make each day in your classroom as entertaining as possible for your students. Use costumes, incorporate music, and create engaging lessons your students will be talking about for weeks. This extra "magic" in your classroom will go a long way! If you're looking for a quick read to get your "head in the game" check out one of my favorite books, "Teach Like A Pirate" by Dave Burgess. You won't regret it!

Make each child feel like a star! Take time to make each student in your class feel special. Focus on celebrating every success no matter how big or how small for EVERY student! Our kids need this!

Integrate Technology into Everything you Do! It's 2015 and our students are surrounded by technology. Your classroom should be too! No matter if you have one device or dozens, there are a ton of really GREAT things you can be doing with technology. Set a goal to integrate or try out at least one new website or app each month in your classroom. Your students will love it! Some of my favorites to use in my classroom that are easy and user friendly are Plickers,  Kahoot, and Class Dojo!

Take more naps. After a full day of entertaining your students, you're going to be exhausted. It's okay to take a nap! It'll give you the recharge you need to keep you going until Friday! Seriously...TAKE MORE NAPS!

And here's a FREEBIE! Click on the picture below to download a fun and easy Sight Word Write the Room Activity from my TPT store!


  1. Great tips! I enjoyed learning more about you. Loved getting to meet you in Vegas too! Fantastic new blog with all 3 of you!

    Luv My Kinders

  2. Awesome tips Chris!!!! I love getting permission for my afternoon nap!! And I just ordered "Teach Like A Pirate" on my Kindle!!!!! Thanks your the best!!!